The Elf in numbers

Starting off






 GREED 2-  

The following instructions are to ease your character generation, if you have got your own ideas in mind, feel free to leave them aside.  

Origin (Roll a D20)  
1-13 impecunious parents Hunters, fishers, musicians
14-18 average parents Craftsmen, elves who live in a human settlement
19,20 rich elves who live at a human court (healers, seers)
Hair colour (Roll a D20)  
1-3 4-9 10-13 14-15 16 17 18-19 20
dark blond blond light blond white blond albino silver black blueish black

 1,66+D20+3D6 steps, i.e. (from 170-204 steps, 5"8' to 6"10')  

Life energy  


Astral energy  



Clothing and weapons  

Real meadow-elves who still live in the old pile work villages alongside the rivers still weave nearly all their clothes from a material called "Boush". It is a product of the bushy seed-cases of the Boushrush and is easy to dye and highly enduring. The typical piece of cloth the meadow-elves wear is the coat of Boush, a sleeveless cloak, often coloured in blueish grey or reedy green. It is not known but often assumed that elves weave a part of their magic into their clothes, because real elfish work may live for many decades and they are so water-resistant that you even can transport small amounts of water in them on small distances.  

The rest of the elfish clothes is normally very tight and ornamented by fringes and knotwork. Only elves defending their elders will dress in armour, and most of them not even in metal. They prefer the bow, knifes and thrust weapons.  


 Metal armour adds a point of handicap more than its armour points (RP) to elves, because they are not used to it. So elves in chain armour will be protected by RP 4, but will lead to a handicap of 5. Elves may not wear knight armour. 

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