Some numbers on dwarfs

Starting off






 GREED 7+  

You may roll some D20 now to determine some other features, but there are not essential and serve only to give an overview over dwarfish wealt and appearance.  

Origin (Roll a D20) 

1-3 poor parents Farmers, carriers
4-14 average parents Craftsmen, Miners
15-19 rich parents Smiths, stone-cutters
20 very rich parents Clansleader, mountain king
Hair colour (Roll a D20) 

1-5 6-11 12-13 14-16 17-20
red white grey black

 1,28+2D6 (1,30-1,40m; 4"4'-4"8')  

Life energy  


Clothing and weapons 

 Chain mail is the preferred "clothing" of a dwarf, which he will wear in an adventure. Beneath the chain he will most of the times have a thick woolen shirt, over it a cloak of fur of other material. He will not normally take off the armour during a hot day or during the night, the cloak is either also cover or pillow during the night according to the season. There is no big sense in trying to convince a dwarf to wash himself, so the heroes better get accustomed to the stink he is carrying around which is nicely called "smell of dwarves".  

Axe and hammer are the traditional weapons of dwarves, most of the times two-handed. The shield is only used by younger fighters and in combination with a heavy dagger or a short sword. Two-handers for men are not to handle by a dwarf.  


 Dwarfs may always delete one point of handicap when wearing chain armour, i.e. chain armour gives them 4 RP for protection, but only 3 points of handicap. In the case of dwarves this is only valid for chain mail !  

Dwarves get an AT/PA-Bonus +1/+1 in narrow tunnels or in the dark.  

Dwarves speak normally Rogolan. 

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