Some numbers for Novadi

Starting off







 How often did you read this, well, you can leave all the rest aside if it pleases you, the following is just for the sake of a better Arkanian adaption of your hero.  

Origin (Roll a D20) 

1-2 unfree parents Slaves
3-10 poor parents Shepherds, nomads
11-16 average parents Traders, cattle owners, caravans, craftsmen, hairan
17-19 rich parents Shikes, merchants
20 noble parents Sultans
Hair colour (Roll a D20) 

1-16 17-18 19 20
black brown red blond

 1,56+2D20 steps (1,58-196 cm, 5"3'-6"6')  

Life energy  



Clothing and weapons: The Novadi are used to a protection of their head against the sun in the desert, so they wear turbans or clothes around it. On their body they were loose fitted garments. According to their wealth or their tribes their garments are made from wool, linen, silk or even ornamented brocate and manifold patterns. Outside of deserts the Novadi will wear the same if possible.  

Armour from plates or chains is rarely found among them. Their preferred armour is a watted tunic, their typical weapon the broad scimitar called Khunchomer. Besides they often use a wooden lance for the battle on horseback made from the Khom cedar. Every male Novadi receives a dagger from his elder when reaching the stage of manhood. This dagger is called Waqqif and he will try to wear the dagger until the end of his life.  


 Men and women are not equal in Novadi society, so girls usually do not get the same formation in martial arts as boys do. You should change your talents accordingly. By the way, Novadi and Tulamides speak another language if they are amongst themselves, it is called Tulamidi. 

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