Some numbers on thieves

Starting off





GREED 7+  

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Origin (Roll a D20)  
1-8 parents unknown
9,10 unfree parents Slaves, bodmen
11-17 poor parents Beggars, thiefs, day-laborers, jugglers
18,19 average parents Jugglers, thiefs, gamblers
20 rich parents Gamblers
Hair colour (Roll a D20)  
1-6 7-10 11 12-17 18,19 20
black blond white blond brown red albino

 1,54+2D20 steps (1,56-1,94 m; 5"2'-6"6')  

Life energy 




Clothing an weapons 

 It is a rare coincidence that young thiefs may chose clothes after their own imagination, he wears clothes he got as a beggar or he stole from the washhouse. Once he made a good booty, he tries to wear as long as possible, although it is a serious question whether a silver belt looks nice on a baggy shirt with a lot of holes. Thieves, who already earned some money are mostly recognizable from their snobbish clothing. They longed for expensive material for so long that they tend to overdo a little bit.  

They do not wear metal armour in the normal circumstances, since a wide cloak or a baggy shirt may hide more booty than chain armour, though he will wear it if the situation is like it, but he is not a very atmospheric hero in that case. Thieves take all weapons they can get, if they may decide, they prefer epees, daggers and rapiers and the throwing knife. 

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