Some numbers on Thorwalers

Starting off


 COURAGE 11+  





 Remember ? The rest is only interesting if you do want to stick to the prototype of a Thorwaler.  

Origin (Roll a D20) 

1-9 poor parents Fishers, countrymen, port workers
10-14 average parents Fishers, farmers, craftsmen, ordained, scalds, seamen
15-19 rich parents Sea merchants, pirates
20 noble parents Hetfolk
Hair colour (Roll a D20) 

1-9 10-15 16-17 18 19 20
blond reddish blond white blond dark blond brown black

1,68+2D20 steps (1,70+2,08 m; 5"8'-6"11')
Life energy
Clothing and weapons:
 The garments of Thorwalers are very mixed and adventurous, the northmen love to combine their classical clothing (striped woolen trousers and lose linen shirts) with colourful, extraordinary garments they gain as a booty on a pirate cruise or they buy legally on some strange foreign market. You might well have seen a seabear wearing a furry cloak in combination to a hat of Bethanian senate woman. But who would like to laugh about it when he stares at the fierce face of the northern pirate ?
Typical are also heavy belts, leather wear, leather accessories and high sea boots. You will seldom find a Thorwaler woman wearing dresses or skirts. At extraordinary festivals they wear battle coat, a coat made of fur worn with the furry bit in the inside, which is ornamented over and over with runes. The more runes the more experience in life. Tattoos are also very popular among Thorwalers. Thorwalers are artists when it comes to tattoos or engraving blades.
A Thorwaler prefers an axe as his weapon and any weapon which will cut down the enemy in two pieces like sabres or grappling knives. Armour, however, is not really popular, most of the times leather is the used, sometimes a leather armour called "Toadskin" which is improved my metal.

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