Some numbers for warriors

Starting off

Conditions COURAGE 12+ 




 The following instructions are only propositions that you do not have to follow if you have a particular image of your hero in your head that is similar to the presented type of character (but please remember, a warrior is not a mercenary that is another type of character, which does not belong to the basic rules).  

Origin (Roll a D20)  
1 unfree parents Bondmen
2-3 poor parents Farmers, mercenaries
4-9 average parents Citizens, guards, ordained
10-18 lower noble parents Knights, barons
19,20 higher noble parents Counts, princes
Hair colour (Roll a D20)  
1-5 6-9 10 11-14 15-18 19 20
dark blond black white blond blond brown red albino

 1,63+2D20 steps (1,65-2,03 m or 5"6' to 6"9) 

 Life energy 



Clothing and weapons 

 "It is the exceptional right of the warrior to wear the knight's symbols of honour, the knight armour and two-handed swords. It is forbidden and will lead to severe punishment to disdain their pride by deceiving the public wearing these symbols..." (Pamplet of Gareth, 397 BH)  

It is privilege and honour to wear the squama plating and it is preferable to do so during a tournament, but when the warrior settles out for stepping into an adventure he will also think about the handicap of wearing a heavy armour, so most of them prefer leather or chain.  

However, it is not the character of a warrior to blur the image of his kind. A young warrior will judge everybody according to his appearance. Ornamented clothes, knotwork on shirts and buckled shoes or boots are the clothes a noble man has to wear these times and a warrior will make sure to keep a suitable cloth available. 

 The most popular weapons are Two-hander and lance for the tournament, sword, axe and battle-club for the everyday job and rapiers and sabres in the more civilized areas of Arkania. Bows and Crossbows are only used for hunting, but warriors know to employ them, although they will avoid them because they are not very honourable weapons.  


 Warriors are used to wearing heavy armour through their training, so that they may delete one point of handicap of any kind of armour. A chain armour, for example, will protect him by RP 4, but it will only give a handicap of 3. 

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