The sabretooth-tiger

"Of tygers: From all the insidious beasts of prey, the most frightening one must be the sabretooth-tyger, a real monster of about three steps length and a real strong bite. There are those tygers of any kind, the jungle tyger in the south, the steppe tyger in the north, the sylvern tyger in the far north. Like all cats they are cowards and like to attack from a camouflaged position, but they do not fear the final combat."  

Sabretooth-tigers in a game:

Each sabretooth-tiger has a certain district, which it will defend against invaders. It will not easily attack a whole bunch of adventurers, but it will keep an eye open for the one hero that wanders of alone. The sabretooth-tiger has always two attacks per fighting turn. It may use both paws or a paws and its bite. But it will always attack only one hero.  
CO: 22 AT: 15(2 AT/FT) PA: 7 

 LE: 45 RP: 1 

 HP: 3D6+2(bite),1D6+5(paws) 

 MS: 13 Sta: 50 MR: -2 

 CM: 50 



The wolf

"Of the wolf: In all parts of the country you find it, the doglike beast, known hunters, tactically minded. You would not want a wild wolf near you if you ever saw the brilliance in a deer-stalking pack of wolves. They like family, they like social contacts and they know a Praios-like order of life. They are bound to the moon somehow and they sing hymns to it. Beware of the wolf in winter, when hunger drives them near the villages and the monster inside is awakened." 


Wolves in a game

In Arkania there are a variety of different wolves and tribes of those. The rough wolves of the far north, the sand wolves of the deserts, the wood wolves of the dense forests of the north as Andergast and the grey wolves nearly everywhere throughout the Middle-Realm. They love roaming around freely, so you will not find them in caverns or ruins.  

They always hunt in packs of a size from 1D6+2 to 2D20 wolves. Normally they fear humans and leave them as they are. They escape when being attacked very heavily. But if hunger drives them nuts, they take everything they can get and fight to their bitter death. Our values given are for the grey wolves. In front of all the rare silver wolves are more dangerous and more popular for their furs. 


CO: 9 AT: 9 PA: 4 

 LE: 15 RP: 2 

 HP: 1D6+1 

 MS: 12 Sta: 80 MR: 0 

 CM: 6 


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