Some numbers on the magician

Starting off






As always you may take the following only as an addition to ease your hero generation, if you do not like it, do not pay attention.  

Origin (Roll a D 20)  
1-4 poor parents Halfelves, scholarship
5-13 average parents Craftsmen, travelling magicians, ordained
15-19 rich parents Highly ordained, popular magicians, rich dealers
20 noble parents Noble
Note: According to a new law, magically talented children of nobles may not inherit the title and country of their parents any more.  

Hair colour (Roll a D20)  
1-7 8-10 11-12 13-15 16-17 18-19 20
black brown red dark blond blond light blond albino

 1,60+D20+3D6 (1,64-1,98 m, i.e. 5"5' to 6"7')  

Life energy 


 Astral energy 



Clothing and weapons Let it spring from their lack of mystery or their own vanity, magicians often want to present themselves as such by clothing. High hats, horned caps, cloaks with lots of ornaments on them and a silky inside cover are the general dress of nearly all magicians - their festival dress is even more hilarious. They always wear their sign of honour, the magic wand, which is about shoulderhigh and does not lack of runes. The magic wand is indestructible from the first day magicians performed the ritual on their day of examination. If they loose it they will have to perform the ritual again, but this is not part of the basic rules. A magic wand is a normal staff in combat. 

 Most adepts are also taught in the basic arts of fencing. You will also quite frequently find ritual daggers that may be employed during combat or in recent times even some foils. The ritual sword that is needed for some magical rituals may not be employed as a weapon.  

Heavier weapons and armour are disliked by most magicians, because they give a handicap in casting spells since they got a lot of iron inside (again: not part of the basic rules). A magician may well be found in watted tunics in times of danger, but otherwise they stick to their magic power.  


 As already noticed above, magicians do not use heavy weapons and armour, i.e. any weapon employed by magicians may not have more than RP 2 or HP 1D6+2. A magician's foil is a foil with HP 1D6+2, the rest stays the same. Particularities are also the bonus on MR and their improvement by level. Further notes on magic and magicians may well be found in the future somewhere on these pages. 

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